Moving Day Checklist

The day is finally here! It’s time to close on your house and get settled. So…what’s first? And then what…? And then…? HELP!!

Don’t let the stress of moving take away the excitement of this new chapter. Here’s an easy-to-follow checklist to be sure your move goes as smooth as a good cocktail.

real estate agents in moncton1. Preparation

  • Arrange with movers, prior to packing day, to ensure all specialty packaging needs are taken care of
  • Make arrangements for moving household plants, pets and vehicles
  • Collect house keys, mail keys, all household manuals, garage door openers
  • Write a note to new owners with any helpful hints you can give them regarding the upkeep of the home
  • Cancel or redirect newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  • Forward mail as of two days prior to your move
  • Pack a “First Open” box: remotes, screws, nails, tools
  • Make sure all automatic bank withdrawals, all bank accounts, charge card accounts and all other financial agencies are notified of new address

2. Day Before Move

  • Charge cell phones/cameras
  • Final check for missed items
  • Organize suitcases, pet items, children’s items, coolers for move day
  • Arrange for snacks and drinks for movers and family

3. Move Day

  • Pack all chargers
  • Final check of all rooms; attic, basement, sheds, garage, and crawl space
  • Confirm with movers on directions, anticipated arrival at new location and exchange cell phone numbers with the driver

4. Move In Day

  • Snacks and drinks for movers and family
  • Find “First Open” box
  • Enjoy your new home!