A Special Gin & Tonic

Making a Gin and Tonic is simple right..?? Somehow, we managed to make it difficult! It could be our lack or coordination? Check out the video!  

An Amazing In-Law Suite in Dieppe

119 Murielle is back and sporting a brand new price! We wanted to show you what 6’2″ of Realtor looks like in the bright and super spacious in law suite!! Check it out and make sure you watch until the end

40 Salengro – A True Rockstar!

40 Salengro is a true Rock Star! So we put a twist on the classic Cosmopolitan in Honor of this Gorgeous stand out! Equal parts vodka and watermelon sourpuss… and a splash of white cranberry!! PS. Don’t forget “The Perfect Cube!”

We have a winner!

Someone’s getting fit with us! Watch to see who gets to join our favourite obsession – and stay tuned for other contests and fun stuff – we’re just getting started!

Moving Day Checklist

The day is finally here! It’s time to close on your house and get settled. So…what’s first? And then what…? And then…? HELP!! Don’t let the stress of moving take away the excitement of this new chapter. Here’s an easy-to-follow checklist to be sure your move goes as smooth as a good cocktail. 1. Preparation…